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BMW & Top5 world’s leading esports teams… team up! #UnitedInRivalry! Débrief esports business

16/04/2020 - Ewen LJ Team Principal DESIGNMOTEUR - 🏁🏆🎮🚥 -

La marque BMW est actuellement engagée dans une expansion notable de son implication dans le monde des jeux vidéo, en ligne et de simulation dénommé esports, voire motoresport, un domaine qui ne cesse de gagner en popularité. BMW est devenu un acteur majeur du ‘virtual sport’. Le groupe BMW annonce aujourd’hui, que, la marque BMW (dont les initiales signifie ,Bayerische Motoren Werke’) soutient désormais certaines des équipes sportives les plus influentes et les plus performantes, et s’efforce de promouvoir la discipline esportive dans son ensemble. Débrief esports business x automotive industry, by SELECT-STARTER & DESIGN[MOTEUR]

BMW & Top5 world’s leading esports teams… team up! Débrief

BMW brand is currently engaged in a major expansion of its involvement in the world of computer, online and simulation games (esports), a field that’s been continuously growing in popularity, especially among the next-generation target group.

Dès 2017, BMW a attiré l’attention dans le monde du ‘virtual sports’ en tant que partenaire officiel de la finale de la ligue ‘European League of Legends’ finals à Paris. Et en 2019, avec la saison réussie des courses SIM Racing season qui s’est fini par la première BMW SIM LIVE au ,BMW Welt’ à Munich.

En France, le Groupe Renault est associé au Team Vitality, et organise différent event entre la F1 et les disciplines esports.

“Esports shows us how sports entertainment can continue to thrive and play a key role considering today’s challenges. Our entry into esports is motivated by a commitment to become a sustainable, global partner, supporting the teams and the discipline as a whole, before, during and after these times of uncertainty,”

“Joining forces with the best teams in the world, we aim to use our design and innovation skills to help shape the discipline in the long term.

Our esports involvement is an important milestone providing, for the first time, a new intersectionality with a dynamic and fast-growing community. We consider esports a promising, growing addition to our marketing activities, helping BMW on its journey to becoming an emotive brand people relate to.”

Jens Thiemer, Senior Vice President Customer and Brand BMW

BMW est partenaire de cinq des équipes sportives les plus performantes. Pour s’imposer comme un nouvel acteur majeur du sport, BMW sera désormais partenaire de cinq des plus grandes organisations sportives mondiales.

Ainsi, BMW signe un important contrat de partenariat avec Cloud9, Fnatic, FunPlus Phoenix, G2 Esports et T1 Entertainment & Sports.

BMW & Top5 world’s leading esports teams

‘Cloud 9 (US),
Fnatic (UK),
Funplus Phoenix (China),
G2 Esports (Germany)
T1 (South Korea)
…each comprise up to 200 players battling it out above all in the incomparable League of Legends.’

BMW sera sponsor maillot de chacun de ces clubs (tous actifs sur League of Legends), peu importent les jeux dans lesquels ils sont impliqués à l’exception de ceux de tir. Le constructeur automobile et les clubs produiront également du contenu ensemble (avec parfois plusieurs d’entre eux, en jouant sur les rivalités existantes), il leur fournira des véhicules personnalisés.

‘To innumerable fans, League of Legends is the premier esports category. Last year’s League of Legends World Championship Finals in the AccorHotels Arena in Paris attracted an online audience of approx. 44 million fans worldwide viewing the live stream at home. On top of that, there are also other disciplines such as Dota 2, FIFA, Fortnite or Rocket League that the teams compete in all over the world, in tournaments of comparable size that will also be supported and promoted by BMW.’

La marque BMW agira non seulement comme un solide sponsor pour ces équipes de haut niveau, mais aussi comme un partenaire puissant pour faire connaître la discipline sportive à un public encore plus large.

En mars 2019, Cloud9, organisation nord-américaine présente notamment sur League of Legends, CSGO, Rocket League et Overwatch, signait un contrat de partenariat avec le constructeur allemand d’automobiles haut de gamme BMW. Même si la marque était déjà présente dans le monde de l’esport en tant que partenaire principal de la finale des LCS EU en 2017, c’est la première fois qu’elle sponsorise une équipe.

“Our long-term goal is to grow our team portfolio into true household names within the general sports and entertainment industry”

Jens Thiemer, Senior Vice President Customer and Brand BMW

Les principales dispositions du contrat incluent notamment la mise à disposition de véhicules spéciaux (logo des équipes sur la carrosserie) permettant de se rendre à des événements, un engagement des médias sociaux via des hashtags, la mise en place du logo BMW sur des maillots et la création de contenu.

Il est important de noter notamment que BMW vient de signer avec 5 organisations qui évoluent sur 4 continents différents, qui sont toutes présentes sur League of Legends et au plus haut niveau de leur ligue respective.

“Automotive is one of the marquee categories right behind apparel.
…and automotive is a huge category – into esports – it’s not just about stickers and logos.” via The Esports Observer

#UnitedAtHome & #UnitedInRivalry

We are “United in Rivalry” and “United at Home”.

The teams’ competitive spirit and their historic rivalries have always been part of the esports scene’s lore. At the same time the teams share a boundless passion for gaming and related activities.

This is what “United in Rivalry” stands for, even more so in these present times of uncertainty and global challenges. As part of the partnership with BMW and in line with esports’ culture, the teams will challenge and try to outdo each other prior to tournaments, using the #unitedinrivalry hashtag on channels like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, WeChat and various streaming platforms across the world.

These mutual wind-ups are meant to increase each team’s motivation, but above all they also serve to entertain the fans. It goes without saying that the teams’ interactions always stay within the parameters of esports etiquette, reflect the respect they have for each other and of course will take place at home.

Therefore, they will use the #unitedathome hashtag in combination with #unitedinrivalry.

Cloud9 & BMW team up!

“We’re thrilled to expand our partnership with BMW to the global front and continue to uphold shared pillars of excellence and peak performance. We welcome the outstanding teams that we’ll work alongside to drive competitive excellence forward with BMW!”

Jack Etienne, Cloud9 CEO & Co-Founder

Fnatic & BMW team up!

“At Fnatic we are dedicated to maximising performance and entertainment through technology and innovation. It is these shared values that make BMW the perfect partner as we seek to level-up every gamer on the planet. As a pioneer in the automotive space, with a history of advancing entertainment in competitive sport and working with the best talent and teams, we are thrilled to be working with BMW to build the future of esports and entertainment together.”

Glen Calvert, Fnatic COO.

Funplus & BMW team up!

“We are excited that the world-class top brand has chosen to enter the global esports industry with Funplus Phoenix. BMW has a century-long history, prestigious technology and worldwide recognition. This partnership will fuel innovation and the pursuit of high performance in this new era.”

Funplus Phoenix CEO Chun Li.

G2 Esports & BMW team up!

“G2 Esports are pioneers both in and out of game and this is evident in our incredible competitive success, entertaining content, and the energy we bring to our fans every day. BMW will power G2 as we build on our vision to create a massive entertainment empire and bring the best innovation to the esports industry. This is more than a sponsorship, this is a united effort to highlight the power and influence of esports.”

Carlos ‘ocelote’ Rodriguez, G2 Esports CEO.

T1 & BMW team up!

“Together with some of the most elite global esports organisations, T1 is thrilled to partner with BMW to elevate innovation and entertainment in the gaming industry. Faker and the entire T1 family are excited to create content, products, and programmes with the BMW team that showcase our shared values of competitiveness and premier performance for esports fans and enthusiasts around the world.”

Joe Marsh, T1 CEO.

Information sharing and technology transfer in the service of esports

The team up between BMW and the esports teams is very wide-ranging and goes far beyond mere sponsorship. Among other things, BMW shares the knowledge and expertise of its engineers and designers, to enable the development of hardware and software products that are perfectly tailored to gamers’ needs.

BMW models used as future team vehicles

The BMW commitment also includes the provision of official team vehicles. Among these, each organisation will have a team car featuring a custom livery with striking colours, combining motifs drawn in comic-book style with each organisation’s logo. These eye‑catching liveries form another element of this close partnership and were developed jointly by the teams and BMW. The vehicles thus become an instantly recognisable part of each team. They emphasise the teams’ strengths and lend themselves perfectly to high-profile appearances by the players and organisations – including spectacular images used in the course of #unitedinrivalry and #unitedathome activities.

Team up - BMW - Top5 leading esports teams - cover
Team up – BMW – Top5 leading esports teams – cover

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